Rocketing CO2 Rates Now Highest in History!

This chart shows the rapidly warming temperatures on our earth. Unfortunately, carbon dioxide levels have also reached a new high during May 2019, according to measurements recorded at NOAA’s Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. Photo Courtesy: jpl

Greetings! Here’s more breaking news for you on climate change. And in this first week of June 2019, the sobering news states that CO2 levels are now the highest ever-recorded in history! The NOAA measurements take place at its Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii.

In 2018 NOAA also reported a rapid CO2 increase stating “… the concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere increased 2.87 parts per million, the fourth largest increase in the agency’s 60 years of record-keeping.” NOAA researcher Pieter Tans, senior scientist with NOAA’s global monitoring division said, “Today’s rise of CO2 is dominated by human activities, not from natural causes.”

“On Jan. 1, 2018, the average concentration of atmospheric CO2 measured 407.05 parts per million. Twelve months later, the average measured 409.92 parts per million. Three of the four highest annual increases on record have occurred during the last four years.”

So now fast forward to 2019, NOAA instruments at Mauna Loa Observatory recorded “The highest carbon dioxide concentration levels in human history.”

NOAA reported, “During the month of May, CO2 levels averaged 414.8 parts per million — levels not present on Earth in millions of years.”

The agency explained that, “CO2 levels typically peak on Mauna Loa around this time of year, but carbon dioxide levels have increased consistently during the past few decades. This year’s peak was 3.5 parts per million higher than last year’s apex of 411.3 parts per million.”

All climate scientists agree – increases in atmospheric CO2 [are] the result of the burning of oil, gas and other fossil fuels, these are to blame for rising global temperatures.

Pieter Tans explains, “Many proposals have been made to mitigate global warming, but without a rapid decrease of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels they are pretty much futile.”

NOAA explains that, “Carbon dioxide is the most abundant greenhouse gas, but the levels of other planet-warming gases like methane are also rising.”

Mr. James Butler, Director of NOAA’s Global Monitoring Division, recently said in a news release, “Greenhouse gas pollution traps heat in the atmosphere, which has consequences. There’s no getting around it — burning fossil fuels is changing the course of our planet’s future. How society deals with that will be a major challenge in coming decades.”

As more information becomes available on the rapid rise of CO2, I’ll bIog about it for you.

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