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Kobee Manatee® : Shipwreck Sea Friends

Kobee Manatee® : Shipwreck Sea Friends
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Series: Kobee Manatee Series, Book 3
Genre: Children's Books
Publisher: Thompson Mill Press LLC
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 32
ASIN: 0997123931
ISBN: 9780997123937


Our third installment!

In collaboration with world-renowned oceanographic explorer and documentary film maker, Fabien Cousteau, eldest grandson of legendary ocean pioneer, Jacques Cousteau!

The adventures of Kobee Manatee continue as he and his pals explore the S.S. Antonio López shipwreck off the coast of Puerto Rico. They meet some new sea buddies just as Kobee becomes trapped inside the wreck! Can Kobee be saved in enough time? Don't miss the fun and fascinating color picture identification of some very popular tropical reef fish! This is our third title in the Kobee Manatee Children's Educational series!

“Young people are crucial to the health of our ocean. Just as my grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau inspired a generation of ocean advocates, it’s now time to pass that excitement for our ocean to the next generation so that they may become better stewards of our little oasis in space, than we have been.” – Fabien Cousteau

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About the Book

In collaboration with world-renowned oceanographer and documentary filmmaker, Fabien Cousteau!  Travel along as Kobee Manatee uncovers a Historic Shipwreck and talks about  Extraordinary and Colorful Reef Fish during his Ocean Adventure in our third Title! 

Kobee Manatee and his pals, Tess the seahorse, and Pablo the hermit crab, meet some new sea friends as they explore colorful coral reefs and the historic shipwreck of the SS Antonio López near Puerto Rico.  You’ll discover some of the most colorful reef fish in the world!

But wait … Kobee becomes trapped deep inside the ship!  Can he be saved in enough time?

You won’t want to miss the excitement, friendship, and fascinating facts about some very popular tropical fish and the remarkable coral reefs they call home!  This is our third title in the Kobee Manatee series, Kobee Manatee: Shipwreck Sea Friends. Stay tuned for more updates!

“Kobee and his ocean pals are full of fun, adventure, and inspiration. They give the reader a better sense of the magic and mystery within our ocean world. Following them onto the historic wreck dive of the SS Antonio López off of Puerto Rico, we learn all sorts of fascinating facts about wildlife and dangers, all while being entranced by the camaraderie of these fast friends. Even if one never gets a chance to ‘peek below the blue veneer’ of our planet, the adventures of Kobee and his aquatic mates are sure to make anyone appreciate how precious life is below the waves.”
– Fabien Cousteau, aquanaut, conservationist, documentary filmmaker
"Another creative blending of real-life oceanography and gentle fantasy in a smart and entertaining series.”
– Kirkus Reviews
“I love the colors and the fact that there is detailed information on the sides, but most of the book is a cute story.”
– Emily Harris, Librarian
“Five stars for illustration, design, layout, content, educational value and fun! What’s not to like about the adventures of Kobee the manatee and his oceanic friends? Whimsically-illustrated, this new offering in the Kobee series is a picture book to cherish and inspire learning and exploring.”
– Biblio Filer, NetGalley reviewer
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Kobee Manatee® : Shipwreck Sea Friends

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Robert Scott Thayer

Author Robert Scott Thayer is also a recording artist who writes and sings in the pop, jazz, and children’s genres. Robert has won several International Songwriting Awards including those from Billboard. His newest children’s tune, Kobee’s Song, produced by 2012 Grammy winner Jim Cravero, is fun, upbeat, and has a solid reggae groove. It’s about the clever protagonist, KOBEE MANATEE, in Thayer’s first children’s informational picture book.

Kobee Manatee® : Shipwreck Sea Friends February 18, 2015



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