Climate Change Sizzles Texas Heatwave Record to new Heights!

All-time record high temperatures were set or tied in Texas cities such as Del Rio (115 degrees), Laredo (115 degrees) and San Angelo (114 degrees).

Greetings! We’re just a couple of days into the summer season and already there’s the record-breaking heat wave that’s sizzling northern Mexico and Texas. And experts say it does have a connection to human-caused climate change.

All-time record high temperatures were set or tied in Texas cities such as Del Rio (115 degrees), Laredo (115 degrees) and San Angelo (114 degrees). The heat index, which is how hot it feels to the human body when humidity is factored in, reached an unofficial record of 125 degrees in Corpus Christi. The death of a postal worker in Dallas, where the heat index reached 115 degrees, was blamed on the extreme heat.”

Climate change made the heat wave five times more likely, study says

An analysis of data from Climate Central, a science communication group in Princeton, N.J., said that “climate change is actually making the [Texas] heat wave at least five times more likely.”

“Human caused climate change made the extreme and extremely unusual temperatures in Mexico and the southern U.S. much more likely. Heat this intense, this early in the year will create stressful conditions for millions of people,” said Andrew Pershing, Vice President for Science at Climate Central.

“Climate Central’s findings come from its Climate Shift Index, which is ‘a model-derived analysis of the likelihood of local temperatures with and without the influence of climate change, expressed on a simplified scale to quantify the degree to which carbon pollution affected average temperature,’ according to Peter Girard, the Vice President of Communications for Climate Central.”

Michael Mann, a meteorologist at the University of Pennsylvania said, “This intense June heat wave is extremely unusual. We’re seeing record heat indices (which combine the heat and humidity), for example (unofficially) 125 degrees in Corpus Christi.” He also agrees that climate change is a factor in this heat wave.

Mann continued and said, “Climate change, as our own work shows, is leading to more of these very persistent ‘stuck’ summer jet stream patterns, where, for example, a big high-pressure system with hot sinking air gets stuck in one particular region of the country. That’s what happened during the 2021 Pacific Northwest heat dome and something very similar is playing out right now over the south-central U.S. and northern Mexico.”

“Sure, El Niño is having an impact right now on the large-scale atmospheric circulation, and could be playing a role in this current jet stream configuration. But El Niño has happened many times before without giving us such unprecedented weather extremes,” Mann said.

What is a heat dome?

“A heat dome occurs when a persistent region of high pressure traps heat over an area,” according to William Gallus, Professor of Atmospheric Science at Iowa State University.

“The heat dome can stretch over several states and linger for days to weeks, leaving the people, crops and animals below to suffer through stagnant, hot air that can feel like an oven.” Gallus said. 

And talking about the current Texas heat dome, WFLA-TV chief meteorologist Jeff Berardelli tweeted and said, “This configuration, likely enhanced by climate heating, is fueling a record heat dome so extreme that even experts are astonished!” He continued and said, that this heat dome is “basically impossible”without climate change.

Heat is a killer

“Heat waves are less dramatic than other natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding or even thunderstorms, but they kill more people in the U.S. than all other weather-related disasters combined – causing hundreds of deaths each year.” according to the National Weather Service.

Here’s an Excellent Way to Talk to Kids with “Soft Facts” about Climate Change and Plastic Pollution

One awesome tool for talking to kids about climate change is to read my fourth installment in the award-winning Kobee Manatee® Children’s Educational Picture Book series. It’s titled, Kobee Manatee® Climate Change and The Great Blue Hole HazardIt contains “soft facts” about climate change and plastic pollution in our oceans.

Kobee Manatee Climate Change and The Great Blue Hole Hazard – (Lexile Measure:790L)

When you read this award-winning educational picture book to children, it’s a fun and fictional adventure loaded with weaved in “soft facts” on climate change and plastic pollution. This quickly helps children learn about this serious subject in a fun and entertaining way. Here’s a brief synopsis …

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On their Caribbean journey they encounter harmful effects of climate change and plastic pollution. As if that wasn’t enough, several other unforeseen problems occur with a distressed loggerhead turtle, a giant Portuguese man-of-war, and a venomous scorpionfish. They’re all amazed when they discover the extraordinary Great Blue Hole. Then their adventure takes another crazy turn when Pablo plunges into its huge abyss!

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Keep watching for more of my updates on climate change!

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