Flooded Streets – The New Normal for the Northeast Sea Coast?

Hampton, New Hampshire wakes up to an almost daily inundation of flooded streets from sea level rise caused by our warming planet.

Greetings! As the sobering effects of climate change continue battering our planet, the new normal for Hampton, New Hampshire are scenes of flooded streets due to sea level rise. Residents of the New Hampshire Seacoast watched high tides draw closer over the years, flooding their streets and homes. The ocean that drew them here now threatens their ability to stay. As sea levels rise, communities are scrambling to adapt to the new reality.”

Mr. Steve Belgiorno, a retired math teacher bought his first house in Hampton, NH during 2005. Steve has been witnessing increasing flooding since that time. In 2017 he explained, “a nightmare storm ruined the house’s boiler, hot water tank, and flooring, leaving marsh grass and kelp in exchange. We’re the Titanic.”  

Hampton’s resources are also victims of the flooding. Belgiorno said, “A fire truck was substantially damaged in a 2018 flood after it was driven through stormwater to respond to an emergency. Salt water is corrosive and can destroy vehicles. It also eats away at home foundations. I pay a company thousands of dollars to reseal my foundation every few years, but the cracks inevitably return.”

Another Hampton, NH resident Tom Bassett bought his home there in 2002. The last thing on his mind during the purchase was worrying about flooding. Bassett explained, “While big storms used to drive the flooding, now a king tide is enough to deposit nearly a foot of water in low-lying areas.” Bassett raised his house “10 feet above the ground in 2007.” He has “no plans to leave – even if the situation gets worse. I worry about getting stranded without access to emergency services, like when my daughter lived with me during her pregnancy.”

Bassett and other residents want to leave their homes to the next generation but fear climate change will completely eliminate that possibility. Clearly, flooding shapes their daily routines.

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