2016 Yale Study Uncovers Voter feelings about Global Warming


Manatee News 5 6 2016

The Quelccaya ice cap is the largest in the tropics. If it continues melting at its current rate – contracting more than 600 feet a year, it will be completely gone by 2100. This devastating result of climate change will leave thousands who rely on using its water for drinking and electricity, completely dry and in total darkness! Photo Courtesy of National Geographic.

Greetings! In this blog, I’d like to talk about a recent Yale University study that performed research on how voters feel about global warming. Their study found as it did in previous years that “Democrats are more likely than Republicans to be convinced that human-caused global warming is happening and to support climate action.”

One of the study’s most interesting findings is that there “is a clear difference between liberal/moderate Republicans and conservative Republicans.” Its results found that “in many respects, liberal/moderate Republicans are similar to moderate/conservative Democrats on the issue of global warming, potentially forming a moderate, middle-ground public.” As a result, it can be seen that Republicans are not all against global warming. Here are some of the Yale study’s key findings…

  • More and more registered voters now think global warming is actually a reality. Three in four surveyed (73%, up 7 points since Spring 2014).
  • The large majorities of Democrats – liberal (95%) and moderate/conservative (80%) believe that global warming is happening.
  • Three in four Independents (74%, up 15 points since Spring 2014) agree global warming is now a reality.
  • The majority of liberal/moderate Republicans (71%, up 10 points since Spring 2014) also agree global warming is now happening.

When the study looked at conservative Republicans it found…

  • Only 47% of conservative Republicans feel global warming is actually happening.
  • A large increase in conservative Republicans who feel global warming is now a reality has spiked up an impressive 19% within the last two years, which is the largest shift in any group.

Approximately 56% of all registered voters believe global warming is the result of human activities. Now here is another interesting find from the Yale study…

“Although numerous studies find that 97% of climate scientists are convinced human-caused global warming is happening, few American voters are aware of this.” Yale reported only about one in six (16%) voters understand that 90% or more of climate scientists are convinced. Here are some more interesting findings…

  • Liberal Democrats are the most concerned (88%), which is followed with moderate/conservative Democrats at 67%.
  • About half of Independents (49%), along with about half of liberal/moderate Republicans (48%) are concerned about global warming. Contrast this with only 21% of conservative Republicans who are worried about global warming.
  • Over the past year, 30% of Americans have rewarded companies involved with taking steps to reduce global warming by purchasing their products.
  • Over the past year, 25% of Americans have punished companies who will not take steps on reducing global warming by not purchasing their products.

When it comes down to which presidential candidate Americans would vote for when focusing on the issue of global warming, here is what the Yale study found…

Americans are less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who strongly opposes taking action to reduce global warming. Asked if they would be more or less willing to vote for a presidential candidate who strongly opposes action to reduce global warming, registered voters are about four times more likely to vote against such a candidate, than to vote for them (45% vs. 11%, respectively). Americans are more likely to vote for a presidential candidate who strongly supports taking action to reduce global warming.”

Finally, the study reported that the majority of Americans would want legislation on limiting carbon dioxide emissions…

“Seven in ten registered voters (70%) support setting strict carbon dioxide emission limits on existing coal-fired power plants to reduce global warming and improve public health, even if the cost of electricity to consumers and companies would likely increase. Democrats (88%, 91% of liberal Democrats), Independents (67%) and liberal and moderate Republicans (67%) are all likely to support setting strict limits, however, only 37% of conservative Republicans support such limits.”

I’ll be telling you more about this serious issue on global warming in future blogs.

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