1 Chart Easily Uncovers the Global Warming Crisis! August 17, 2017

The above temperature chart easily shows how climate change and global warming have been intensifying over the past 50 years. Greetings! Here is more sobering news about the issue of Climate Change. Just take a look at the chart and you will see from the “blue zone”up to the “red zone,” how rising global temperatures…

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Is Global Ocean Circulation Slowing Due to Climate Change? August 10, 2017

The white arrow shows the northern movement of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) Greetings! I’d like to continue talking about the sobering subject of Climate Change and how it, most likely, is slowing our global ocean currents. A recent research team from Yale University and the University of Southampton found evidence that “Arctic ice…

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Plastic Invades Our Global Coastlines! July 6, 2017

Plastic litter invades the once picturesque coastline of Thailand’s Tarutao National Park. Photo Courtesy – Utopia_88 Getty Images Greetings! Today, I thought I’d talk about “Clean Beaches Week,” which runs from July 1st through July 7th. It’s a time when our beaches are very vulnerable to large amounts of litter. In particular the accumulation of…

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Manatee Trivia (Part 7) – The Antillean Manatee! June 28, 2017

The Antillean Manatee swimming off the coast of warm and sunny Puerto Rico. Greetings! Ok – I thought I would continue my manatee trivia for you in the format of a question and answer, true or false. So here is the seventh installment. I know you will really impress your friends and family with your newfound…

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Ocean Acidification Unleashes its Fury on West Coast! June 22, 2017

Ocean Acidification sensors in use on the west coast of the United States to monitor increasing pH levels and the destruction this has on sea life. Photo Courtesy: Oregon State University Greetings! Unfortunately, I have more sobering news for you with the subject of ocean acidification. Oregon State University researchers recently recorded some of the highest levels…

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