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Valentines Day Manatee Adoption! February 5, 2015

Manatee News 2 4 2015

Here’s a great idea for you … adopt one of us manatees for Valentines Day!  How?  By contacting the Save the Manatee Club. This award-winning nonprofit organization was founded in 1981 by singer/songwriter, Jimmy Buffett, and Bob Graham, the former U.S. Senator and also the former Governor of Florida.

The official state marine mammal in Florida is the manatee.  We are listed as endangered by at the international level via the IUCN World Conservation Union. And looking at the state level, it’s the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWC) that lists us as endangered. Why? Because of human activity. The Save the Manatee Club explains, “Since record-keeping began in 1974, more than 41% of manatee deaths where cause of death was identified were human-related – and almost 34% were due to watercraft collisions (the largest known cause of manatee deaths). With increased awareness, education, regulations, and enforcement, manatee deaths by humans could be substantially reduced, and the eventual recovery of the species could be realized.”

Adopt-A-Manatee® And Get Some Really Cool Stuff!

When you adopt a manatee for $25, you’ll receive…

  • An adoption certificate with full-color photo, and the bio of a real endangered Florida manatee.
  • A very cool membership handbook.
  • The Manatee Zone, which is the official Save the Manatee Club’s newsletter discussing the latest updates on adopted manatees.
  • Paddle Tales, the Save the Manatee Club’s e-newsletter when you provide your email address.
  • FREE SHIPPING for all manatee adoptions in the United States!

 Here is the Save the Manatee Club’s contact information so you can adopt your manatee today! Check it out…

1-800-432-5646 (In the U.S.)

407-539-0990 (Outside the U.S.)

407-539-0871 (Fax Number)

And here’s something really cool, you can even see your adopted manatee at one of Florida’s three locations including Blue Spring State Park, the place I call my home!

~ Kobee Manatee








Valentines Day Manatee Adoption!

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Robert Scott Thayer

Author Robert Scott Thayer is also a recording artist who writes and sings in the pop, jazz, and children’s genres. Robert has won several International Songwriting Awards including those from Billboard. His newest children’s tune, Kobee’s Song, produced by 2012 Grammy winner Jim Cravero, is fun, upbeat, and has a solid reggae groove. It’s about the clever protagonist, KOBEE MANATEE, in Thayer’s first children’s informational picture book.



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