Doomsday Glacier Getting Ready to Flood Sea Levels by 1 Foot!

The Thwaites Glacier “Doomday Glacier” in Antarctica could break off any day and substantially raise global sea levels.

Greetings … I have some more sobering news on climate change. The Antarctica glacier (Thwaites Glacier) also known as the “Doomsday Glacier,” the widest glacier on Earth, some 80 miles wide, could break off its shelf any day now! The glacier is centered “62 miles east of Mount Murphy on the north coast of West Antarctica.” 

Antarctica’s time bomb known at the “Doomsday Glacier” is at a very high risk of collapse and is threatening a global sea level rise. Scientists say the glacier, “… has the potential to rapidly retreat in the coming years, amplifying concerns over the extreme sea level rise that would accompany its potential demise.”

In the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists explain, “The Thwaites Glacier, capable of raising sea level by several feet, is eroding along its underwater base as the planet warms.”These scientists “mapped the glacier’s historical retreat …” as they hope to learn from its past “what the glacier will likely do in the future.”

Alastair Graham, the study’s lead author and marine geophysicist at the University of South Florida said, “[The glacier’s] swift disintegration possibly occurred as recently as the mid-20th century. It suggests the Thwaites has the capability to undergo a rapid retreat in the near future, once it recedes past a seabed ridge that is helping to keep it in check.

Robert Larter, a marine geophysicist and one of the study’s co-authors from the British Antarctic Survey, said, “Thwaites is really holding on today by its fingernails, and we should expect to see big changes over small timescales in the future – even from one year to the next – once the glacier retreats beyond a shallow ridge in its bed.”

“The Thwaites Glacier, located in West Antarctica, is one of the widest on Earth and is larger than the state of Florida. But it’s just a faction of the West Antarctic ice sheet, which holds enough ice to raise sea level by up to 16 feet, according to NASA.”

As the effects of climate change continue to accelerate, this region of Antarctica has been closely monitored because of its rapid melting and its capacity for widespread coastal destruction. 

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Keep watching for more of my updates on climate change!

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