Climate Change Continues Banishing Heat Records!

People in Paris, France cool off in the Trocadero Garden fountains on July 25, 2019 when the city hit a new heat record of 108.7 Farhenheit. PHOTO CREDIT: AP PHOTO/RAFAEL YAGHOBZADEH

Greetings and Happy New Year to you! I wish I could bring you some happier news about climate change, however unprecedented heat records are continuing to break.

Climate modeling created by U.S. researchers titled, “Global multi-model projections of local urban climates,” showed “the planet’s cities – home to more than half of the global population could see dramatic temperature spikes by the century’s end if carbon emissions aren’t sufficiently curbed. Climate change has altered ecosystems worldwide, pushed regions into deeper drought spells and wreaked havoc in communities.”

You may already know that cities have received dramatic spikes in heat. These urban environments have extremely large concentrations of “heat-trapping concrete and asphalt,” which lead these areas to be warmer than their surrounding suburban regions. And unfortunately, these cities are “projected to hold 70% of Earth’s population by 2050.” The forecasting model predicts “… the problem will only get worse for urban areas if climate change goes unmitigated.”

Lead research author, Lei Zhao of the University of Illinois and colleagues looked at the unique traits of urban areas when they developed their climate change forecast. According to the study, which was published in the scientific journal, Nature Climate Change, its team “built a statistical model that uses global climate data to forecast urban temperatures based on scenarios where carbon emissions are high or at intermediate levels.” The model created “projections of temperature and relative humidity for individual cities around the world, which currently occupy less than 3% of Earth’s total surface area.”

The study said, “Under high emission scenarios, cities in the U.S., Middle East, northern Central Asia, inland South America and Africa would see temperature increases of more than 7 degrees Fahrenheit, or 4 degrees Celsius by 2100.” The report continued and said, “This confirms the crucial role of mitigating non-local greenhouse gas emissions for local-scale urban temperature benefits.” The study added, “Despite a substantially mitigated urban warming globally and fewer ‘stippled’ areas, the models still agree that a large number of cities (especially at nighttime) will experience warming of more than 1.5 [degrees Celsius], the target set by the Paris Agreement.”

In conclusion, the research found, “that the average temperatures in urban regions across the globe would spike by 1.9 degree Celsius with intermediate emissions and 4.4 degrees Celsius with high emissions.”

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