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Columbus Zoo Rehab Welcomes Goober the Manatee! October 24, 2017

Goober, currently weighing in at 365 pounds is now at the Columbus Zoo for rehabilitation. Greetings! It gives me great pleasure in telling you my good friends at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio recently welcomed their second manatee in a month. Say hello to Goober the manatee! With the addition of Goober, they now have…

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SeaWorld Debuts Manatee Rehab Center to Public! May 13, 2016

  The Manatee Rehabilitation Center at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida is now open to the public! Photo Courtesy of SeaWorld Greetings! In this blog, I’d like to talk about the great news of SeaWorld recently opening its manatee rehabilitation area to the public!  This area is actually a, “ 5-acre Rescue Center used for rehabilitating wildlife…

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SeaWorld Orlando Rehabilitates Orphaned Manatee Calf! September 10, 2015

A female manatee calf is bottle-fed by a SeaWorld animal care expert. The 3-week-old manatee was rescued by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation in Ormond Beach.  Photo Courtesy of (SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.)   I received a new seamail talking about an orphaned female manatee calf being rescued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation in…

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Happy Manatee Appreciation Day! March 25, 2015

Hey – it’s time to celebrate! Today, March 25th is Manatee Appreciation Day! I’ve made a giant seagrass cake to celebrate this awesome occasion! Manatee Appreciation Day is dedicated to raising awareness about us manatees. Manatee celebrations occur in Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico.  You can also find celebrations at Zoos and Marine Biology Centers.…

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Trinidad the Manatee Released into Tampa Bay! March 6, 2015

  Photo Courtesy/SeaWorld Rescue Great News – there were 11 people escorting my buddy, Trinidad, back into the Florida waters off Tampa Bay!  If you recall, I wrote back in February that Trinidad the manatee went on a traveling adventure from Florida westbound to Texas in 2014. However, when he tried to start heading home…

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Trinidad the Manatee Heading Home to Florida! February 20, 2015

Photo By Courtesy/SeaWorld San Antonio Here’s an update on Trinidad the Manatee.  It was back in November 2014 when I told you he was rescued due to severe cold stress. His rescue took place in Trinity Bay, not far from Houston, Texas. Trinidad wanted to get back home to Florida; however, the cold air temperatures…

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Successful Magnolia River Manatee Rescue! January 7, 2015

  Great news! One of my manatee buddies suffering from cold stress was rescued from the Magnolia River in Alabama. A team from SeaWorld, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service performed the manatee rescue. Some manatees will travel from Florida over to…

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Port Wentworth Manatee Rescued! December 18, 2014

Photo by SeaWorld Great news!  One of my manatee buddies suffering from cold stress, was rescued from the Savannah River at the Weyerhaeuser paper mill in Port Wentworth, Georgia. Manatees are warm-blooded and in the cold weather, we need the warm water of Florida’s springs or the warm outflow water of energy plants. In this…

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