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Author Robert Scott Thayer Signs Kobee Manatee® Books in Florida! March 6, 2019

Author Robert Scott Thayer with some of his Kobee Manatee® Fans at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida. Robert Scott Thayer, author of the award-winning Kobee Manatee® Children’s Educational Picture Book series recently toured and visited some of Florida’s extraordinary manatee festivals. Thayer is the creator of the Kobee Manatee® series published by Thompson Mill Press,…

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Fabien Cousteau and Richard Branson Explore Belize’s Extraordinary Abyss – The Great Blue Hole on December 2, 2018! November 27, 2018

Fabien Cousteau (L) and Richard Branson (R) undertake a historic dive mission in Belize’s Great Blue Hole on December 2, 2018 Greetings! I have some awesome news to share with you! Fabien Cousteau, aquanaut, ocean conservationist, and documentary filmmaker who helped children’s author, Robert Scott Thayer on my third title, Kobee Manatee®:Shipwreck Sea Friends, will be…

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