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Manatee Trivia (Part 8) – The Dugong! October 10, 2017

A dugong happily eating seagrass, much like its distant manatee cousin. Photo Courtesy: Abdallah Taher Greetings! Today I’d like to continue with installment eight of manatee trivia, where I’ll give you a Q&A on my very close cousin – the dugong! What is the main difference between the dugong and the manatee? The main difference…

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Manatee Trivia (Part 1)! March 29, 2017

Florida manatees enjoying the balmy 72 degrees Fahrenheit water at Blue Spring State Park.  Photo: Robert Scott Thayer Greetings! Today I thought it would be fun to gather some really cool manatee facts for you. You’ll definitely impress your friends and family with your newfound manatee knowledge! Manatees are very large marine mammals with two flippers…

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Manatee Ancestors were Land Animals! June 24, 2014

When talking about long ago ancestors of the manatee and its close relative, the dugong, I bet you would never think that land animals were related to them.  Well – it’s true! In fact, there are three land animals directly related to the manatee. They include the elephant, the hyrax, and the aardvark. So here…

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