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Fabien Cousteau and Richard Branson Explore Belize’s Extraordinary Abyss – The Great Blue Hole on December 2, 2018! November 27, 2018

Fabien Cousteau (L) and Richard Branson (R) undertake a historic dive mission in Belize’s Great Blue Hole on December 2, 2018 Greetings! I have some awesome news to share with you! Fabien Cousteau, aquanaut, ocean conservationist, and documentary filmmaker who helped children’s author, Robert Scott Thayer on my third title, Kobee Manatee®:Shipwreck Sea Friends, will be…

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Manatee Facts – Quiz 3 October 2, 2018

Greetings! This blog is a continuation on the unique Florida manatee (yours truly). This is the third installment in a series of quizzes to test your awesome manatee knowledge! Just select your answer from each of the choices under the question. You’ll find the answer key located at the bottom of this blog. OK – are you…

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Mitch the Manatee Rescued in Belize! January 22, 2015

  Here’s some wonderful news that will touch your heart! Mitch the manatee, one of my baby manatee buddies, is recovering nicely after being rescued by Mitchell Thomas and several volunteers from Wildtracks in Belize.  Wildtracks Manatee and Primate Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 1990 in Belize. Mitchell Thomas said, “This…

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