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Readers’ Favorite Review June 29, 2017

Melissa Tanaka

“Kobee Manatee: Shipwreck Sea Friends” is a fun underwater adventure written by Robert Scott Thayer and illustrated by Lauren Gallegos. Kobee, a bold manatee, along with his friends Tess, a brave seahorse, and Pablo, a fun loving hermit crab, head to Puerto Rico to explore the shipwreck of the SS Antonio López. Along the way, they meet several new friends of all shapes and sizes, ranging from an eight-inch long spotfin butterfly fish to a 40-foot long whale shark! This is the third book in the Kobee Manatee series and is published in collaboration with Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the legendary ocean expert Jacques Cousteau. While you don’t necessarily need to read the other two books first, you’ll find yourself falling for Kobee and friends and wanting to hear more about their adventures.

Whether you are an avid sea explorer or simply someone who wants to learn more about our oceans, “Kobee Manatee: Shipwreck Sea Friends” is a beautifully illustrated children’s book that is the perfect addition to any bookshelf! Kobee reminds readers that our oceans are precious resources and the habitat for many a wonderful creature, and that we should do everything we can to protect them. In addition, each page contains some of Kobee’s Fun Facts, which provide children with real life information about the animals and locations that they read about in the book. The story truly comes to life thanks to Lauren Gallegos’ wonderful illustrations as you find yourself diving into the story and enjoying every moment of Kobee and friends’ adventure.

Review is for Book 3: Shipwreck Sea Friends


Readers’ Favorite Review

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Readers’ Favorite Review June 29, 2017



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