Fun Children's Books about Manatees and Other Sea Life

Kobee Manatee

Manatee Facts – Knowledge Challenge 11 April 23, 2020

Greetings! Manatee season recently ended here in Florida. But that’s not stopping me from continuing the awesome manatee fun! Here’s a quick rundown on 11 marvelous manatee facts! Manatees are Marine Mammals Manatees and dugongs are marine mammals. Marine means we live our entire life in the water and mammal means we breathe air just like humans breathe…

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Could Climate Change Banish the Colorado River? February 25, 2020

Greetings! Unfortunately, I have more sobering news for you on climate change. In a recent study, scientists say climate change is to blame for “declines in the Colorado River’s flow.” The study conducted by US Geological Survey scientists Chris Milly and Krista A. Dunne recently published in the journal Science – “adds urgency to efforts to protect one of the…

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Manatee and Calf Rescued in Allen Creek! September 3, 2014

  (Photo: Clearwater Marine Aquarium/FWC) Great news – I just learned that one of my manatee friends and her calf were rescued in Allen Creek, which is located within Clearwater, Florida. Kudos to both the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium! When over a dozen rescuers arrived at the…

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Miami Seaquarium Released My Friend Meeka! August 14, 2014

Great news from south Florida! I just got a seamail stating the Miami Seaquarium released my pal Meeka! She was released near Lake Okeechobee. Meeka was found and rescued in Indiantown, Florida just east of Lake Okeechobee, on March 26, 2014. She had 5 broken ribs and boat hull scrapes. Miami Seaquarium is an acute…

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SeaWorld Rescues Indian River Manatee July 23, 2014

I SeaWorld Images I just learned that SeaWorld rescued an injured manatee from the Indian River in Port St. John, Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was monitoring the manatee for a few days. They noticed that it was not going under water and it seemed to have been hit by a watercraft.…

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Snooty the Manatee Turns 66! July 17, 2014

Can you believe it? My buddy – Snooty the manatee will be 66 years old on Monday, July 21st! He’ s the oldest manatee on record. Snooty was born on July 21, 1948 at the old Miami Aquarium and Tackle Company. Snooty weighs in at 1,100 pounds and he is 9 feet, 8 inches in…

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