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SeaWorld Orlando Rehabilitates Orphaned Manatee Calf! September 10, 2015

A female manatee calf is bottle-fed by a SeaWorld animal care expert. The 3-week-old manatee was rescued by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation in Ormond Beach.  Photo Courtesy of (SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.)   I received a new seamail talking about an orphaned female manatee calf being rescued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation in…

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Manatee Interaction: Look, but Don’t Touch! June 8, 2015

Photo credit KEITH RAMOS/USFWS It’s really important to know the rules of swimming where us manatees are swimming. Y ves Delpech of Sunshine River Tours at Crystal River explains, “You have to be really quiet.”  If a manatee approaches you, don’t touch it. Because we’re endangered, there are strict rules in place for interacting with…

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Valentines Day Manatee Adoption! February 5, 2015

Here’s a great idea for you … adopt one of us manatees for Valentines Day!  How?  By contacting the Save the Manatee Club. This award-winning nonprofit organization was founded in 1981 by singer/songwriter, Jimmy Buffett, and Bob Graham, the former U.S. Senator and also the former Governor of Florida. The official state marine mammal in…

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7 Extraordinary Manatee Facts (Part 2) December 11, 2014

  Photo by USFWS Endangered Species Greetings! Here are the final 3 of 7 very cool manatee facts for you. 5. Manatees control Buoyancy with our Lungs Manatees have very long lungs!  They run-along our spines.  We can control our buoyancy by simply compressing our rib cage muscles. By doing this, we float up or…

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7 Extraordinary Manatee Facts (Part 1) December 2, 2014

Photo: National Geographic – Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, Florida Greetings!  Here are the first 4 of 7 very cool manatee facts for you. And since it’s now early December, the ten percent of us who love to travel on adventures are all back in the place we call home – warm and sunny…

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red tide

Red Tide: A Manatee Nightmare May 7, 2014

How can it be that insanely small microscopic algae called Karenia brevis, known as red tide, has the ability to kill hundreds of large majestic manatees in a very short period of time? It’s because of the deadly toxin they produce which is known as brevetoxin. These harmful algal blooms called HABs come together when…

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