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Cuba’s Endangered Manatee is a Rare Sight Indeed! June 12, 2015

James “Buddy” Powell researches manatees in Cuba Photo Credit STEVE NEWBORN / WUSF NEWS Now that we’re normalizing relations with Cuba, it’s interesting to learn more about the manatees living there. So I received some news from some manatee buddies in the southernmost part of Cuba. It’s called the Island of Youth and this area is…

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Manatee Interaction: Look, but Don’t Touch! June 8, 2015

Photo credit KEITH RAMOS/USFWS It’s really important to know the rules of swimming where us manatees are swimming. Y ves Delpech of Sunshine River Tours at Crystal River explains, “You have to be really quiet.”  If a manatee approaches you, don’t touch it. Because we’re endangered, there are strict rules in place for interacting with…

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Scientists Report Stokes the Manatee Missing GPS! May 26, 2015

Three Sisters Springs, Citrus County, during 2015 manatee aerial survey Photo credit (FWC) I just learned from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission that my manatee buddy, Stokes, is missing his GPS tracker!  Stokes actually wears a belt with a tether, which supports his floating GPS radio tag. It is the Sea to Shore Alliance…

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Fort Lauderdale Female Manatee Rescued! May 13, 2015

Photo credit (Amy Beth Bennett) Yikes…It was a close call for one of my manatee friends who unfortunately got caught in a pump station by Fort Lauderdale’s New River!  As she swam through the structure, a grate blocked her path.   Then when she tried turning around and going back to where she started from, the…

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Happy Manatee Appreciation Day! March 25, 2015

Hey – it’s time to celebrate! Today, March 25th is Manatee Appreciation Day! I’ve made a giant seagrass cake to celebrate this awesome occasion! Manatee Appreciation Day is dedicated to raising awareness about us manatees. Manatee celebrations occur in Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico.  You can also find celebrations at Zoos and Marine Biology Centers.…

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Trinidad the Manatee Released into Tampa Bay! March 6, 2015

  Photo Courtesy/SeaWorld Rescue Great News – there were 11 people escorting my buddy, Trinidad, back into the Florida waters off Tampa Bay!  If you recall, I wrote back in February that Trinidad the manatee went on a traveling adventure from Florida westbound to Texas in 2014. However, when he tried to start heading home…

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Trinidad the Manatee Heading Home to Florida! February 20, 2015

Photo By Courtesy/SeaWorld San Antonio Here’s an update on Trinidad the Manatee.  It was back in November 2014 when I told you he was rescued due to severe cold stress. His rescue took place in Trinity Bay, not far from Houston, Texas. Trinidad wanted to get back home to Florida; however, the cold air temperatures…

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Manatee Park Manatees Mesmerize Tourists! February 17, 2015

Check this out!  My manatee buddies swimming around in the Orange River at Fort Myers’ Manatee Park are having plenty of fun with tourists! The park is located at 10901 Palm Beach Blvd., just east of I-75 off of exit 141 (Palm Beach Boulevard).  Right next to Manatee Park is the Florida Power and Light…

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Satellite Beach Manatee Mother and Calf Rescue! February 10, 2015

(Photo: Rick Neale, FLORIDA TODAY) Great News! One of my manatee female friends and her calf were rescued from the Satellite Beach canal due to cold stress!  They were taken to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) for rehabilitation and treatment. Ann Spellman, an FWC marine mammal biologist,…

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Valentines Day Manatee Adoption! February 5, 2015

Here’s a great idea for you … adopt one of us manatees for Valentines Day!  How?  By contacting the Save the Manatee Club. This award-winning nonprofit organization was founded in 1981 by singer/songwriter, Jimmy Buffett, and Bob Graham, the former U.S. Senator and also the former Governor of Florida. The official state marine mammal in…

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