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Discover Manatee Magic at Blue Spring State Park! November 21, 2017

Florida manatees take refuge in the balmy warm 72 degree Fahrenheit water at Blue Spring State Park located in Orange City, Florida! November is Manatee Awareness Month!   Greetings! The celebration of Manatee Awareness Month continues with the surge of Florida manatees now majestically swimming in the warm balmy waters of Blue Spring State Park…

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Columbus Zoo Rehab Welcomes Goober the Manatee! October 24, 2017

Goober, currently weighing in at 365 pounds is now at the Columbus Zoo for rehabilitation. Greetings! It gives me great pleasure in telling you my good friends at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio recently welcomed their second manatee in a month. Say hello to Goober the manatee! With the addition of Goober, they now have…

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Manatee Trivia (Part 5)! May 23, 2017

A Florida Manatee is navigating the St. Johns River and turning into Blue Spring State Park so it can enjoy the warm, balmy 72 degrees Fahrenheit water, which gushes out every day of the year. Greetings! OK – here’s my fifth installment for you all about some very cool manatee trivia. It’s worth repeating that…

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Manatee Trivia (Part 4)! May 3, 2017

The subspecies of the West Indian Manatee includes the Florida Manatee and the Antillean Manatee. Greetings! OK – let’s continue manatee trivia with my fourth installment for you. It’s worth repeating that we manatees are very large marine mammals with two flippers and a body tapering down to a paddle-shaped tail. Here’s some more very…

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What Do Manatees and Stingrays have in Common? December 29, 2016

  Two children from the Victory Martial Arts Academy in Apollo Beach, Florida enjoy a wonderful experience as they observe a few cownose rays at the new Stingray Touch exhibit found at the Manatee Viewing Center. Photo Courtesy (Lois Kindle) Greetings and Happy Holidays to you! Ok – here’s a question I bet you can’t…

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Take a Walk on Cape Cod’s Wild Side! September 14, 2016

Nobska Point Lighthouse at Woods Hole in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Since the Cape is located some 40 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, it has one of the best views on ocean life of any place on the East Coast! Greetings! Did you know that Cape Cod is becoming more of a wildlife destination?  Well,…

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