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11 Marvelous Manatee Facts – Part 2! March 7, 2018

Manatees are enjoying the warm balmy water of Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida. Greetings! Here is part 2 of my Marvelous Manatee Facts for you! Now take a look at another 11 fascinating facts all about us manatees… Manatees are Marine Mammals Manatees and dugongs are marine mammals. Marine means we live…

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Manatee Ancestors were Land Animals! June 24, 2014

When talking about long ago ancestors of the manatee and its close relative, the dugong, I bet you would never think that land animals were related to them.  Well – it’s true! In fact, there are three land animals directly related to the manatee. They include the elephant, the hyrax, and the aardvark. So here…

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